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Digital Labels

At Days Labels we have invested heavily in a state-of-the art digital press to ensure that we offer the most flexible, reliable and cost effective solution to your label printing requirements.


What is Digital Printing?

Printing Digitally describes the process of transferring an image or document stored on a PC or Mac onto printing media such as paper or polypropylene The image on the PC is automatically split into 4 basic colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black (we shorten this to CMYK) and the printer then prints these four colours overlaying them exactly to replicate the image on the screen. The digital process does not incur plate charges unlike traditionally printed labels, making this a very cost effective solution and ideal when producing variable data such as personalised information, promotional events, bar codes etc.

Benefits of Digital Labels

  • Cost Effectiveness - no print plates to pay for
  • Easy changeover from sort to sort
  • Exceptional Definition and Print Quality
  • Minimal setup time and low setup costs
  • Fast dispatch - digital labels can be ready to ship in as little as 2-4 working days from the time you approve artwork

Why Digitally Printed Labels?

Digital label printing is ideal for short to medium runs. It is also beneficial if you have a variety of label designs or change design frequently as digital labels incur on printing plate costs.

Digital Proof Service

We are so confident in the quality of our HP Digital Press that we can even offer a digital press proof service.

To do this, we print label samples on the very machine that will be used to print your final order. This will give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the crisp, outstanding imagery that digital labels offer. Apply the labels to your products or packaging to see how they look and feel before you buy.


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